11 drone beach shots that will make you jealous

1. One umbrella, one beach…just you

Instagram / @from_miles_away

2. Tortoise lays claim to its beach

Instagram / @MaxSeigal

3. Playing with shapes and shadows

Instagram / @KarimIliya

4. Christmas any time of the year

Instagram / @from_miles_away

5. There’s no traffic on this drive

Instagram / @from_miles_away

6. A little spin off shore in Lanikai, Hawaii

Instagram / @updraftphotography

7. Gather around, it’s time for surf lessons

Instagram / @GoSurfPerth

8. Just me and my plane…chillin’

Instagram / @chrisbennyimaging

9. A Sunday fun day to let it all just go

Instagram / @graymalin

10. Rocky shores need love, too

Instagram / @karimiliya

11. Shadow army

Instagram / @kevinskopter

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