12 beautiful drone images of roads

1. Don’t think too much, do what makes you happy


2. Where’s Fouad?

Instagram / @opticperspective

3. Follow the leader

Instagram / @andrewadams

4. Nature’s connector

Instagram / @opticperspective

5. Pray for snow, fam!

5. Pray for snow, fam!

Instagram / @landforce

6. Get the hell out of Dodge

Instagram / @idroneau

7. The Perfect Road

Instagram / @airpixels

8. Makin’ it pop on this drive

Instagram / @saketekilla

9. High winds, no problems

Instagram / @maxseigal

10. Built Ford Tough

Instagram / @aerial.edge

11. Situational Awareness

Instagram / @mssdeleon

12. Winding through the vines of wine

Instagram / @drewkass

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