14 beautiful agriculture drone shots of the farm

1. Keeping the bales in order

Instagram / @knatez

2. The old and the new with a splash of color

Instagram / @pie_aerts

3. It’s a game of straight lines

Instagram / @mattographybymw

4. The cows don’t seem impressed

Instagram / @stevie_stagram


5. A view of the farm

6. Stars, stripes and amber waves of grain

Instagram / @danielpeckham

7. It’s silent and lonesome work…but very important

Instagram / @noahpoynter12

8. Cutting the greens

Instagram / @dennisschmelz

9. The big bug is munching away

10. End of a nice, long and hard day

Instagram / @overclouds_production

11. Time to do some ‘hayin’

Instagram / @nickandco1984

12. The dusty fields are calling in Ohio

Instagram / @littlecoal

13. Checking the Chinese tea fields

Instagram / @非 鱼

14. A maze to the break room

Instagram / @littlecoal

15. The show must go on

Instagram / @droneventures

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