29 summer drone pics to savor what’s left of the season

1. Fly in for a summer afternoon in paradise

Instagram / @chrisbennyimaging

2. Sitting on the dock of the bay

Instagram / @neohumanity

3. Dropping in and surfing out

Instagram / @lugo_lugo

4. Secrets of the beach

5. Summer solitude on the beach of wonderful waves

Instagram / @saltywings

6. Mr. Manatee paying a visit

Instagram / @bote_destin

7. Sunning in the meandering canyons

Instagram / @preston_rowlette

8. Stacked up and ready for tourists

Instagram / @rlogrono

9. The quiet beauty of a setting, summer sun

Instagram / @a_tolcheev

10. I’ll meet you at that spot we like

Instagram / @christianannschaffer

11. Northern lake summer sunset

Instagram / @ericpeniata

12. Carnival into the night

Instagram / @santamonicaboardwalk

13. Summer storm is electric

Instagram / @brucethedrone

14. A pup with ‘ups

Instagram / @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher

15. Having a few friends over

Instagram / @thecandymansion

16. A brief surf lesson before hitting the summer surf

Instagram / @gosurfperth

17. Sunflowers for days

Instagram / @justin_skinner87


18. Calm beachfront property

Instagram / @photoshopcafe

19. To the air we go!

Instagram / @maorluz

20. Going to get a round in

Instagram / @creativedogmedia

21. Be embraced

Instagram / @Ambrose Lune Xiwei Reservoir

22. The summer falls of beauty

Instagram / @ocdronegirl

23. Skate or die in the summer heat

Instagram / @andrew.creative

24. The city about to come alive

Instagram / @razdood

25. Traffic patterns

Instagram / @saketekilla

26. Staying in the lines

Instagram / @dennisschmelz

27. Beach day

Instagram / @graymalin

28. Setting up for a late summer shoot

Instagram / @dronepros

29. Seattle sunset

Instagram / @aboveseattle


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