New Military Drone Solution

AeroVironment Comes Up With a New Military Drone Solution

It is not surprising that military personnel take a fancy to using small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). Small sized drones can carry out a new military drone solution ranging from surveys to spying and other mission-sensitive tasks.

Hey, if you are flying, we believe you do not have to worry about the mighty tank!

Aircrafts such as DJI Phantoms turn out to be quite a heavy addition to the already bulky equipment that is part of a military man’s repertoire. AeroVironment has come up with a new military drone solution and it is called the Snipe Drone.

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The Snipe Nano can be stuffed into a small sized case and carried from one place to another with minimum fuss. It does not hamper movement and also keep the physical stress to the minimum.

The manufacturer has also integrated optical and infrared capabilities into the device which assists in scouting a target location prior to launching the initiative. This can be carried out with expensive and large sized equipment as well. But such equipment has to be authorized first and then deployed which can be quite a hassle.

Final verdict on New Military Drone Solution

The manufacturer is coming up with very low cost, small sized, user-friendly gizmos that can be deployed for operation after a few hours of training. Remember that a Predator drone comes for $4.03 million so any drone that costs lesser than this can be termed as cheap. This new military drone solution is likely to eliminate the requirement of a UAV specialist in each unit and will make their deployment easier.

Take a look at this video to get more details about this amazing unit.

YouTube video


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