Air Force Buys Avenger – World’s Biggest Drone

The Air Force has purchased the advanced “hunter killer” drone for 16,000 pounds. The 44 feet long drone is the biggest drone in the U.S. Air Force’s fleet.

Predators and Reapers have been used widely by the American Air Force in the past but according to William Hennigan of the Los Angeles Times, the drone worth a whopping $15 million is being considered to substitute the outgoing killing machines.

The Avenger, biggest drone, has been developed by General Atomics and is powered by a turbofan engine. It is equipped with an internal weapons storage along with an “S” shaped exhaust for minimal heat and radar signature.

It is fitted with a Lynx Synthetic aperture radar and a version of the F-35’s electro-targeting system. The aircraft utilizes the same ground control system as the MQ-9 drones.

As far as the flight time is concerned, it is slightly lesser with 20 hours in contrast to that of the Reaper’s 30 hours. However, it does boast an optimum speed of 460mph which is 120mph faster than its counterparts.

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