Anti-Drone Net Gun

Anti-Drone Net Gun

There are lots of people who have shot down drones with ridiculous ease. However, there are multiple ways to down a quadcopter. The law enforcement agencies have been experimenting with jammers while the Dutch are training the eagles to fight the menace of drones out. The experts at Make it Extreme have come up with their Do It Yourself Anti-Drone Net Gun.

Attributes of a Anti-Drone Net Gun

The gun works on a simple principle. It makes use of air pressure and four barrels. The gun shoots are net that is weighed on the four corners directly at the target drone. Once hit directly, the drone gets stranded and it is easy to bring it down from there onwards without causing it much damage. We all know how sturdy drones can get.

Keep in mind that if you attempt to shoot someone’s drone, you are playing with the law since it is a federal offence to meddle with someone’s aircraft.

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This design requires plenty of metal and machine related work. However, it is not an easy Do It Yourself Anti-Drone Net Gun task for an average individual. Materials such as wood and Poly Vinyl Chloride can be used to incarnate this design but it will take plenty of effort and hard work. As a matter of fact, even a cloud of streamers could be enough to get a drone stranded and bring it down rather than requiring the entire net. If you are into some techy and geeky stuff, we suggest you to try your hands on the DIY Anti-Drone Net Gun! It’s time it got invented.

Source: Make It Extreme

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