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Drone junkies, in whichever part of the world they may reside in, have a penchant to search for additional drone items, fuelled by the singular desire to enrich their drone flying experience and enhance the performance of their beloved drones. The additional paraphernalia for drones is highly popular among the drone buffs who crave a continuous improvement in their device’s performance. These extra items do not actually come bundled with the original drone package but have to be purchased as additional features; and once integrated with the drone, produce outstanding results much to the amazement of the onlookers! Let’s share with you some of the most important additional articles that ought to be in the possession of the drone enthusiasts if they want to morph their flying experience into incredible fun.

This article features:
– Why Have Drone Accessories
– Why Extra Drone Accessories are Needed
– Conclusion

Why Have Drone Accessories

As discussed above, accessories are those additional products that do not come along with the device and have to be purchased as extra goods. Once these items are used in tandem with the drone, its performance becomes a lot better. The accessories that are offered for sale in the market are extremely essential in the case of drones since they are able to change the entire look, feel and output of the technological wonder. We have researched and studies these paraphernalia in detail and have come up with a list of 10 must have drone accessories that are bound to make your drone flying nothing but fun.

1 – Batteries

We all know how the drone are powered! They are powered by batteries and their flight durations are greatly dependent on the capacity boasted by the batteries. Batteries are the most important drone accessories. The batteries that are offered with the original drone packaging portray mid-level performance and efficiency. If you are having flying your device and your batteries start running out of juice, you will have to abruptly end your flying. In such as case, a pilot needs to keep an additional pair of batteries in the reserve so that the flying experience can be prolonged as much as possible.

2 – Carrying Case

While drones certainly provide plenty of fun to the drone aficionados, they certainly make for a costly investment and pilots need to ensure that no stone is left unturned to keep them from harm at all costs. A drone carrying case is another important accessory that protects your drone from dust and any potential accidental damage. You may resort to a small backpack or some other portable bag, but these are unsafe means of carrying your beloved drone from one spot to another. An ideal carrying case should have a softer and smoother inner layer while a harder and sturdies outer covering that keeps the drone safe.. The case should boast sufficient space so that you are able to fit the drone, propellers and the transmitter into the carrying case comfortably.]


3 – Propellers

The drone propellers are the most vulnerable parts of the device that can be easily broken. When beginners ply their art of drone flying, the probability of their coming across a crash or an accident is extremely high. So, it’s always a safe option to keep an additional pair of propellers in the armory to replace the damaged pair in case of an uncalled for situation. The drone propellers that come in the original packaging are made of carbon fibre and quite heavy in weight. Hence, in case of only a small crash, these propellers succumb to breakage owing to their fragility.

Since, a drone accessory has to be bought with money and in some cases it involves serious cash, thorough research and analysis has to be pursued in terms of suitability and compatibility of the accessory with the drone before finalizing the decision to buy it. A drone propeller which is light in weight is more likely to give the much needed impetus and propulsion to the drone during flight. So, whenever you buy additional propellers, ensure that they are light in weight and compatible with your drone.


4 – Propeller Guard

Drone propeller guards constitute yet another significant accessory for drones. If you are a rookie dronie, you must be familiar with your own tendency to collide your drone with obstacles such as trees, walls etc. every now and then. This is where the propeller guards come to the rescue. The propeller guards are attached to the drone’s body and in addition to protecting the propellers and the body, add beauty and vigor to the device as well. Hence, in order to ensure the safety of your drone, propeller guards are an accessory that should never be ignored.


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5 – Micro SD Cards

Aerial photography and cinematography are a couple of most famous uses of drones. The views captured by drones are certainly breathtaking and have a splendor and grandeur of their own. If you love taking photographs and recording videos with your drone, you should not forget to keep a number of microSD storage cards in your stock to store as many images and videos as possible. These images and videos can serve as memorable moments in the future.


6 – Landing Gear

In addition to enhancing the performance of the drones, accessories are utilized to resolve certain issues. Not every drone in the world allows the integration or substitution of the landing gear. The main purpose behind replacing the landing gear is to provide wider angle to the camera so that the resulting images and videos are not distorted due to the limitations imposed by the landing gear. The landing gears which are light in weight and boast wider angles, provide safer and easier landing options and enhance the speed of the drone as well.


7 – Enhanced Cameras/ Lens

Drones come in all sizes and shapes and at a wide range of prices. Everyone cannot afford to buy expensive drones and budget becomes a crucial factor in deciding which drone should be bought. Every dronie wants to attain maximum features from a drone at the minimum price. There might be situation when you happened to purchase a low cost drone with a low performance camera coerced by budget constraints. This is one your need for an enhanced good quality camera will arise. Pilots can opt for professional-grade GoPro cameras to improve the quality of their photographs and videos. While choosing the additional camera to be installed, the payload has to be taken into consideration so that it does not affect the drone’s flying capabilities.

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8 – Gimbal

The gimbal is a pivotal support that ensures that drone remains steady when it is being maneuvered. Expert pilots make the drones perform variety of stunts such as rolls, flips and other stunning moves. A gimbal is responsible for all these attractive acrobatics in addition to facilitating the capturing of aerial videos. A gimbal ensures the flight’s stabilization so that the recorded video is free of any jerks.


9 – Lights

Dronies love flying drones that are littered with colorful LED lights at their underneath. The manufacturer of drones are striving hard to come up with drones that can be flown in night conditions. Currently, however, the dronies are reliant on the LED lights that provide sufficient illumination at night for the drone to be identified easily. LED lights are an accessory that add beauty to the device and make it eye-catching. Numerous dronies prefer attaching colorful LED lights to their drones not only to aid night time flying but also to boost the outlook of their machines.


10 – Propeller Balance

If your propellers are unbalanced and you are not able to manage them appropriately, they will result in a poor flying experience and will severely hinder flight. There are quite a few accessories that have been designed to ensure that the propellers remain balanced. Balanced props enhance the flying experience and are essential to smooth, flawless flights.

Conclusion on Must Have Drone Accessories

The additional paraphernalia that come with the drones are a useful means of enhancing their overall performance and productivity. The aforementioned accessories form a vital part of the drone world and are definitely going to improve your drone’s output if the right kind of articles are integrated into your device.

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