Building Drones with This New Software is Like Fiddling with Legos

Building Drones with This New Software is Like Fiddling with Legos

Dronies can build a drone tailored to their requirements with the help of this new application. The scientists at the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have come up with an application to design and test drones. To design a drone, one has to consider a number of factors while ensuring that the machine remains balanced to help it rise in the air. Besides, optimum speed, seamless control and longer battery lifespan are important variables in this regard.
Mostly, the designers go for a shape similar to a quadcopter’s. However, shapes may vary depending on the intended purpose. One can place a rotor at a different location or construct it to carry a certain payload.

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The scientists at CSAIL have developed this application in the above context. The users can choose from a library of components while determining the cost of the device, it’s payload size and battery life. Based on these inputs, the software figures out the various specifications needed to push the drone into the air while optimizes the machine’s flight as well. Such a software would go a long way in building drones tailored to accomplish specific tasks. Researchers are hoping to release the application under open-source license.

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