Drone Video Shows Massive Refugee Camps in the Wake of Rohingya Crisis

October 14, 2017,   has blogged 378  posts

A drone video portrays massive refugee camps settled by the persecuted Rohingyas as they escaped the violence-hit Myanmar. These pictures were captured by the Disasters Emergency Committee for the purpose of their charity appeal over the crisis. The video shows the aerial view of the Balukhali camp on the Bangladesh border. Eachine Falcon 250 FPV Racing …


Futuristic Glasses for Drone Piloting

October 7, 2017,   has blogged 378  posts

The market has been proliferated with tons of FPV glasses these days. However, this year’s mobile world congress came up with some really exciting news regarding a spectacular pair of glasses similar to the Google Glass. These glasses could spell the dawn of a new era of drone piloting. Here is a video for you: …


Drone Shows are Gaining Popularity But are Not Yet Mainstream

October 5, 2017,   has blogged 378  posts

Commercial drones are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. A lot of enterprises are discovering the utilization of drones in their work domains and are beginning to employ them to enhance their efficiency. The modern day technology has made it possible to ensure that drones are used for far broader purposes than …


How Drones are Helping the Falconers?

October 5, 2017,   has blogged 378  posts

Falconry is a practice in which hunting is carried out with the help of birds. It is a centuries old tradition that has been pursued in different cultures since ages. Having said that, the use of drones in falconry is an entirely new practice. Bob Smith from Elk City, Oklahoma shared with us at the North …

Anti-Drone Net Gun

October 2, 2017,   has blogged 93  posts

There are lots of people who have shot down drones with ridiculous ease. However, there are multiple ways to down a quadcopter. The law enforcement agencies have been experimenting with jammers while the Dutch are training the eagles to fight the menace of drones out. The experts at Make it Extreme have come up with …

EHang’s Drone Swarm is the New World Record Holder

October 2, 2017,   has blogged 93  posts

The nighttime sky at the traditional Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, China was lit up as one thousand EHang drones soared above in various formations. The imitated patterns were those of the Chinese characters for Blessing, Lantern Festival and the map of China. As the show involved the largest number of participating drones, so the performance …

Sushi is World’s First Quadcopter Waiter

October 2, 2017,   has blogged 93  posts

Generally, when you turn up at a restaurant, a host seats you down at an appropriate table. Soon after you settle down, a waiter takes your order and you are served your meal right where you are sitting. Almost a decade ago, Sushi restaurants began to spring up in presumably for the first time in …

This Drone Knows How to Duck Your Stuff Up

October 1, 2017,   has blogged 93  posts

Amazon is already working on package delivery drones. A German enterprise Festo, on the other hand, has developed a drone that knows how to suck up your stuff. It is one of the most intriguing pieces of technology around and is part of their FreeMotionHandling project. Syma X5SW-V3 Explorers 2.4G RC Headless Quadcopter 2MP HD …

Winter-Proof Drone is Here

October 1, 2017,   has blogged 93  posts

When it comes to the stunningly beautifully and frigid open and wide spaces of the Arctic, drone science is yet to make a mark on them. Drones can perhaps be used to count sea-lion populations, ice-cover mapping, and even carrying out search and rescue operations along the Alaska’s coast. Eachine Falcon 250 FPV Racing Quadcopter …