Complete List of Mini FPV Quadcopter Components

July 19, 2017,   has blogged 35  posts

This article is geared towards providing a detailed list of parts and components for FPV mini quadcopters. These devices run five inch or six inch propellers and are also known as racing drones. If you are considering of building your next quadcopter, you should get a great help from this article as it will keep …


Build Your Own Cheap FPV Racing Drone For Under $100

July 18, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

This amazing First Person View racing drone will let you achieve optimum speeds of more than 100 Kph. The superbly designed chassis will let you add more components in accordance with your future requirements. You can view the tremendous capabilities of this fabulous drone on lot of youtube channels or just watch the video below …


Important Things to Know Before You Purchase a Racing Drone

July 1, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

Flying your drone at an enthralling pace of 100mph on an expertly contrived course sounds a fabulous experience. It, perhaps, is the beginning of the fun when it comes to drone racing and we all know that drone racing is the new rage in the country. It is another thing of taking your DJI Phantom …


Top Acrobat Drones Starting Under $30

June 29, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

We all know that the most commonly available drones to have hit the shelves and are capable of carrying out a few attractive aerial stunts love to flip in the air. They have named them differently in different parts of the world: while some call them omnidirectional aversion, others call them barrel rolls. But naming …


Fast and the Furious Racing Drones For Sale

June 29, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

If you have not heard it before then we are proud to let you know that drone racing is the new rage in the town, folks! You must be wondering what is the actual difference between taking your marvelous DJI Phantom out for a joyride in the local park and fly it around alongside them …


A Comprehensive Guide for Buying Racing Drones

June 28, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

What does this guide have for you?  If you are someone who is very new to the world of drone racing, then this comprehensive guide has been written exactly for you: Details about FPV/drone racing The main considerations you should make while purchasing a racing drone The leading racing drones that you should get your …


Drone Racing League Race3 to be Launched Soon

May 8, 2017,   has blogged 261  posts

Drone racing league is always ready to introduce you to a range of new innovative machines whether you are interested in high speed vehicles or attracted by their aesthetics. The Racer3 is a new device that has been designed especially for the second season of the league and it promises plenty of entertainment for the …

Top Reasons that Make Drone Racing a Thing of the Future

April 21, 2017,   has blogged 35  posts

Last August, drone racing was introduced as the future’s leading sport after its live broadcast by the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. Drone racing industry benefitted greatly from this tremendous sports event. ESPN’s backing for the nascent sport means a lot. All the passionate drone enthusiasts in the world would have switched onto ESPN and …

Droneboarding is the new sports on the horizon

April 18, 2017,   has blogged 35  posts

Aerones, a Latvian tech company, a drone that pulls a snowboarder through the snow. The company’s video portraying droneboarding has already received about 5 million views and is still counting. Initially, the company wanted to do wakeboarding so they developed a drone with a payload capacity of about 145 Kg The drone was controlled distantly …

Drone in a Box Sports Autonomous Features

April 18, 2017,   has blogged 35  posts

Similar to the legendary twenty first century marvel “Jack in the box”, this box shaped drone solution promises to offer support for multiple purposes. It gets unfolded to serve as the launching pad for a drone, can perform automated missions and is able to get back to its home station in case its batteries run …