Cheating in Exams to be Stopped through Drones in China

As cheaters become more and more sophisticated, drones will hopefully bring the perpetrators down.If you are a student in China who is planning to cheat on exams, better keep an eye above you. According to Huffington Post, the city of Luoyang has introduced a six-propellers drone to cut down on sophisticated cheating attempts during National University entrance examination.

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While once students used to write stuff down on their arms, Chinese students have been using tiny earphones to listen to radio feeds of answers. The drone in question will be controlled with the help of a tablet and will hover over the exam hall to detect any incoming radio signals. Considered one of the toughest exams in the country, above 9 million students appeared in the gaokao entrance exam. Surrogate examiners are being paid millions of Yuan by parents to ensure that their kids get admitted to top universities.

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It is relevant here to notice that UK police are planning to use drones to combat crimes while Dubai authorities intend to rely on drones to catch people who litter public places with trash.

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