Drone Delivery Parachutes Considered by Amazon

We all are aware of the innovation Amazon have been trying to carry out by dropping down your ordered products to your doorstep with the help of drones. However, a few logistical and legal hurdles have been holding them off. Amazon have decided to be a bit more inventive by planning to practically drop off your ordered packages. To ensure their safety as the packages are dropped down, Amazon are considering the use of parachutes so that your products soar down nicely and easily without getting damaged.

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They are still working hard to getting their application patented so I presume it will still be lots of time before they actually start dropping off your ordered products to your doorsteps with the help of drones and parachutes. The idea certainly seems revolutionary and we know that at least one test flight and drop off has already taken place.

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To get more into technical details, just to make things clear, do not expect your ordered packages to be drop down like bombs over people who are not expecting to be bombarded with retail market products. The patent includes autonomously controlled drop off. This is to imply that the drone will remain in the designated area as long as the package descends down; thereby controlling its descent by some undisclosed means, probably including compressed air bursts or additional guiding parachutes.

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