Drone Footage of a Fierce Dogfight

Cameras attached to the backs of drones can be used for a wide range of purposes. But I am very confident that there could be no better of using this technological wonder than capturing your X-wing versus TIE Fighter dogfight. This seems to be a pretty cool idea, right?

YouTube video

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The technology geeks at Corridor Digital captured a number of video footages from varying perspectives using drones with different types of cameras. All through the shoot, the drones carried out their stunning aerial manoeuvres and stunts and also chased each other. They then used computer generated imaging then poised 3D printed X-Wing and TIE Fighter cockpits over the captured video footage. In case of the X-Wing, a back half featuring a R2-D2 action figure for reaction shots was utilized. All this led to a superbly orchestrated chase scene!

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