Drone Suspends Flight Operations at Frankfurt Airport


Just recently flight operations to and from Frankfurt Airport in Germany were briefly suspended after a drone was sighted in the surroundings. The operator FraPort stopped the takeoffs and landings at the country’s busiest airport for about half an hour as a precautionary measure as reported by the Associated Press. Similar to the current drone incidents at the Gatwick, Heathrow and Newark airports, no evidence of drone flights was shared by the authorities. We are looking forward to any evidences being shared by the operators with regard to drone flights.

Flights interrupted at Frankfurt Airport

The air traffic was halted for about half an hour from 5:15pm to 5:45pm according to a spokesperson.
Initially, the airport officials reported the sighting of two drones and later said that only a single drone had been spotted.The flight operators resumed after clearance by a federal police helicopter. 1,439 flights were scheduled at the airport on the day. 60 were canceled due to a computer program error at the Air Traffic Control center.

In the aftermath of the recent drone incidents at the Gatwick, Heathrow and Newark Airport wherein no conclusive proof was shared by the authorities that indeed a drone was responsible for the interruption of flight operations, it will be interesting to see if any evidence of drones will be shared by the Airport authorities in the days to come.

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