How drones are disrupting the agricultural sector

It has become incredibly easier to use drones to spray insecticides on crops or collect handy information about their yield through multispectral imagery.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is run by crop health sensors which were once attached to manned aircrafts and the whole system used to weigh around 15 pounds.

In the modern era of cutting edge drone technology, these sensors have become so compact that they are integrated into small sized drones such as the mighty DJI Phantom or even the sleek DJI Mavic. As the size of these imaging sensors gets smaller and smaller, their cost is expected to get down as well.

These sensors, such as the ones created by Sentera, are compatible with a software that can be integrated with other farm management platforms such as John Deere’s Operation Centre.

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According to a recent poll in which 1,000 farmers participated, about 30% of the farmers are using drones or via third party service providers.

Dronefly, a manufacturer of thermal and multi-spectral drones, compiled this amazing info-graphic outlining the major use cases of drones in the agricultural sector.  Here have a look!


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