Drones Fly Down the Ramp in the Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Show

If you were wondering that drones had gone onto accomplish every impossible thing you ever imagined they could do, the technology never ceases to amaze you.

Sectors such as agriculture and construction have been using drones extensively. As a matter of fact, there have been concerns that drones are eventually going to take over the jobs once deemed the forte of men. The latest casualty in this regard are the models who are being replaced by drones on the ramp.

The Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show had drones flying down the ramp in Mila, Italy. About six drones carried a handbag from the Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall/Winter collection.  Human models followed the drones showcasing the latest collection of apparel.

The show was named as Secrets and Diamonds and was witnessed by a gathering of 600. The audience were asked to switch off their WiFi and personal hotspots on their handheld mobile devices probably for the safety of the drones according to Fashionista.

This is not the first time that the drones have disrupted the world of fashion. In 2013, Lady Gaga clad herself in an apparel that seemed similar to a giant drone and even rose a few feet up into the air.

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