Drones Oman Speaks Volumes of Huge Strides Made by Middle East

The Drones Oman Conference was held from February 27 to February 28, 2017 in Muscat, Oman and was organized by the organizers of Drones Middle East. The Middle East has made huge strides in the world of drones as quite recently Ehang announced plans to launch a drone taxi service in Dubai this summer.

However, flying drones is no easy business in the UAE because of its fair share of Government imposed taxes and rules and regulations. A location fee of about AED 3,300 or USD $899 has to be paid in Dubai in addition to extra charges of AED 5,100 or USD $1,388 to DCAA alongside a processing time of five days.

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However, the Middle Eastern countries are endeavoring to unearth ways to harness the untapped potential brought forth by drones. Law Enforcement Institutions are working hard to churn out rules and regulations for safe and legal usage of drones

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