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● 4 Channel Transmitter: Ascend/ Descend; Forward/ Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation; Throw to Fly etc.
● 6-axis gyro system makes CX-10D very stable and easy to opearate.
● CX-10D can be operated in 3 flying modes. High/Low speed modes can be changed using a transmitter and the third mode is 360° high speed rotation mode in which the aircrafts lights dazzle.

● CX-10D can rotate to left/right while flying or hovering.
● CX-10D has built in density baroceptor which allows CX-10D to hold the height. The transmitter control sticks are designed with built in spring back system for convenience and comfort (the sticks automatically return to the center position).

● CX-10D can perform 3D flips/rolls (forward/backward, left/right). – The RC range: about 25m. Flying height:about 25m.

● CX-10D is equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
● CX-10D is equiped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.
● CX-10D have One touch landing and One touch take-off.


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Quick Overview of  CHEERSON CX-10D Smart Q

Optical Sensor




Battery Capacity

600 mAh

Operating Range


Flight Time



Detailed Specifications of  CHEERSON CX-10D Smart Q

Nano and Micro
Flight Time (minutes) 7min
Weight – The weight of the drone measured in measured in g and lbs. Including battery and propellers. 15
Width – The width of the drone measured in inches and mm. 0.7″
Length – The length of the drone measured in inches and mm. 1.1″
Height – The height of the drone measured in inches and mm. 3.9″
Battery – Type of battery user to power the drone. 600mAh
Environment Indoor

Camera None
3 Axis Gimbal None
Optical Sensor – The number of pixels the sensor uses specifically to capture image information. It will generally be lower than the number of total pixels for the camera. Not Specified
Image Max Size – Maximum image resolution Not Specified
Video Recording – Quality of video recordings Not Specified

Remote Controller
Transmeter/Reciever Included Yes
RC Frequency – RC drones operate on radio frequencies similar to other consumer and industrial electronic devices. Most manufacturers use a 2.4GHz frequency for the wireless transmitter and 900MHz, 1.2GHz or 5.8GHz for video transmission. You’ll want to make sure drone frequencies don’t interfere with other frequencies (like your wireless network). 2.4 Ghz

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