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The CX-Stars from Cheerson is without a doubt the smallest drone ever manufactured. It measures in at an astounding 3.5cm x 2.2cm (1.37″ x 0.87″) but includes all the electronics of the bigger models. It balances with gyroscopes and accelerometers maintaining unbelievable stability despite its miniature size. Slip the CX-Stars Drone into the remote and slide both into your pocket, anywhere is a perfect spot to fly with this nano drone. Available in 4 different colors making it perfect for gifts. With its 2.4GHz transmitter up to 4 units can be paired and flown simultaneously.


Category: Nano & Micro

Quick Overview of CHEERSON CX-Stars

Optical Sensor



Battery Capacity

80 mAh

Operating Range


Flight Time



Detailed Specifications of CHEERSON CX-Stars

Nano and Micro
Flight Time (minutes) 60min
Weight – The weight of the drone measured in measured in g and lbs. Including battery and propellers. 7.5g
Width – The width of the drone measured in inches and mm. 0.8″
Length – The length of the drone measured in inches and mm. 0.8″
Height – The height of the drone measured in inches and mm. 0.7″
Battery – Type of battery user to power the drone. 80mAh
Environment Indoor

Camera -/td>
3 Axis Gimbal None
Optical Sensor – The number of pixels the sensor uses specifically to capture image information. It will generally be lower than the number of total pixels for the camera.
Image Max Size – Maximum image resolution Not Specified
Video Recording – Quality of video recordings Not Specified

Remote Controller
Transmeter/Reciever Included yes
RC Frequency – RC drones operate on radio frequencies similar to other consumer and industrial electronic devices. Most manufacturers use a 2.4GHz frequency for the wireless transmitter and 900MHz, 1.2GHz or 5.8GHz for video transmission. You’ll want to make sure drone frequencies don’t interfere with other frequencies (like your wireless network). 2.4 Ghz

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