EHang's Drone

EHang’s Drone Swarm is the New World Record Holder

The nighttime sky at the traditional Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, China was lit up as EHang’s drone soared above in various formations. The imitated patterns were those of the Chinese characters for Blessing, Lantern Festival and the map of China. As the show involved the largest number of participating drones, so the performance was recorded as the new world record by Guinness.

Formation of Ehang’s drone

The formation was not as sensational as that from the Ascending Technologies but was quite dramatic. The performance spanned around 15 minutes and bewildered the spectators. Chinese celebrate the end of the year on the 15th of the first lunar month with this traditional lantern festival.

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The drones were launched from the Guangzhou Tower and were maneuvered by radio control transmitters. The drones attained an altitude of 120 meters during the performance while the Yellow River Piano Concerto, which first played during Mao Zedong’s tenure, played in the background.

The record was awarded by Guinness to EHang who deemed it a valuable opportunity for itself to make a name among topdrone manufacturer. EHang’s drone got introduced to Uber styled Air Taxis. The E184 is being touted as the new poster boy of the company with its reputation as the innovative flying car.

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To be honest, it is evident this was basically a show of strength by the man and they only wanted the consumers to make a note of Ehang’s drone. This is a clear cut attempt at letting their competitors know that they are well on their way to producing some top quality drones that will definitely bring about a shift in the consumer drone industry.


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