Firefighting Spiderman Drone to the Rescue!

Introduced at the International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems in Korea, the Fireproof Aerial Robot System (FAROS) knows how to impersonate a spiderman in that it is able to cling to burning walls. Autonomous navigation algorithms and laser-scan data retrieved from numerous integrated sensors enable this wonderful device to scale walls.

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It can land vertically on walls while rotors generate the necessary thrust to keep it stable. Created by researchers hailing from South Korea, this drone can assist firefighters and also inspect skyscrapers for monitoring structural damage.
Equipped with a thermal imaging camera and designed after the Climbing Aerial Robot System (CAROS) has been created in the aftermath of the rampant fire incidents in high-rise buildings, according to its creators. In case of fires, this device can prove to be instrumental in reducing the damage and enhancing the safety and efficacy of rescue missions.

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