First Ever Drone Dedicated Park in Florida is Open Now

For the lovers of drones and especially those residing just near Central Florida, this news is going to make your day. According reports by FPVDroneWear, Citrus County in Central Florida has recently declared one of their local parks dedicated to the use, flying and racing of drones only. A park located to the east of the Lecanto High School was nominated by Jimmie Smith, the County Commissioner, making it the first and only part in Florida that is dedicated to drones.

According to recent reports, there has been a huge rush of drone enthusiasts in the park who have been thronging it ever since the announcement was made by the County Commissioner. The Citrus County also has a local MultiGP chapter that you can join via their Facebook page and start racing drones with your fellow pilots. Drone racing is the new rage in the town and it is no surprise that they are becoming so much popular among the masses.

Thanks to this initiative, thousands of kids will get the opportunity to know what UAVs are and start to fly them. Are you getting curious about the park and planning to spend the whole day having fun with your drone? Here’s a video that will certainly inspire you!

YouTube video

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