How to Get Better Video Reception During FPV flights

If you are someone who takes a fancy to FPV flying, you must get enthralled by top quality real time video feed. To our mere disappointment, most of the FPV systems are severely restricted by range. I, myself, get exasperated when the video signal starts getting attenuated as my drone goes farther and farther away.

I just came across some sensational recently. I was skimming through Kickstarter and discovered ClearBoost. It is an application that has been designed to boost video signals for high quality video reception during FPV flights. It has been designed especially for drones and aircrafts.

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Take a look at the product in this video.

One can see from the page that drone pilots are always looking for a useful product such as this. The company have passed their investment goal by more than $10,000. Do not forget to visit their Kickstarter page. You can still support them and become the very first customers of this amazing startup.

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