Google Drone Concept

What it actually is?
Rumours are doing the rounds in the rumours mill that Google is gearing up to purchase the a company called the Titan Aerospace. They are strategizing to churn out glider styled drones and put them in the sky at an altitude of about 65,000 feet or 12 miles for a period of about 5 years. The actual plan is to ensure that about 90% of the world’s population is given access to internet and provide internet connectivity to far flung areas and locations.

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Operating and working

The drones produced by the Titan Aerospace are large sized electric gliders that are equipped with autonomous flight capabilities. Each wing is lined up with a diverse array of solar panels that charge lithium ion batteries in a single day. This will ensure that the gliders remain in the sky for as long as the batteries need to be replaced and this won’t be until 5 years since when they are launched into the sky. What’s more, these drones are capable of covering distances of about 4,800,000 miles for the duration of the lives.

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Each drone will be integrated with a radio communication system for connectivity with the ground to cover a radius of about 100 miles.

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