Drone Footage of a Raging Flood Is Terrifying Yet Serene

A Harrowing View of a Devastating Flood Captured in a Drone Footage

Tasmania was at the receiving end of harrowing floods last August as thousands were told to evacuate, at least a couple went missing and damages worth $100 million were caused. The sensational drone footage of the raging floods captured by the Red Baron Drone Images at a safe distance from the annihilating floods had a serene background track that gave the video a whole new perspective.

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The havoc wreaked by the floods was covered in a number of similar drone footages. 2016 was termed as the hottest year ever as increase in temperatures led to an incredible increase in the number of floods the world over. The adverse effects of global warming can be gauged from the fact that North America is on fire for most of the year which presents a strong case for cutting down on carbon emissions. As our earth makes its way towards one gigantic natural disaster, at least the drone footage was something to cheer at.

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