A Helicopter with an Integrated Roll Cage

Being able to fly drones is the lifelong dream of every kid out there. Unfortunately, most of them end up destroying their drone during the first flight since the poor machines have not been designed to sustain the turmoil that they may have to go through once a kid gets his or her hands on the radio controller.

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But if a kid is piloting this Space Ball which is essentially a helicopter placed inside a spherical cage, there is no fear of colliding against the surrounding obstacles. The cage protects the motors and propellers from getting damaged and comes with a pretty attractive looking and intuitive radio controller. The device costs around $80. The radio controller gets connected to the drone via infrared so you should not be expecting a longer flight time and operating range. However, the Space Ball comes with a gyroscope that ensures that the device remains upright and gets back into position immediately after an awkward landing.


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