Mars Parachutes

Mars Parachutes offer unparalleled safety to your beloved drone as they offer protection to your aircraft, to you as well as anyone who comes below it. They ensure that the drone pilots are able to bring their machine back home without being damaged.

Drones are inevitable to get crashed, they say and with the ever-evolving laws and regulations, a crashed drone can land you in serious trouble. This is exactly where Mars Parachute systems come to your rescue. In addition to the parachute system, the drone parachute radio is compatible with any drone and comes with a servo actuated safety system.

It can be used for all kinds of purposes that utilize a single channel radio. Mars Parachutes are the best available, reliable, affordable and light weight parachute recovery system that can be coupled with the auto deployment Mayday system to give you the automated safety system for your done that you have been looking for. It is a cool gadget to be attached to your drone and will definitely save your investments big time.

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