It’s Your Neighbor’s Drone - Go on, Shoot it Down!

It’s Your Neighbor’s Drone? Go on, Shoot it Down!

Last October, William Merideth, a man hailing from Kentucky was absolved of all charges after he was alleged to have shot down his neighbor’s drone hovering over his property. As drones continue to be shot down, a UAV was also brought down with a shotgun in Nashville according to a local news agency.

The owner of the store from where the drone that was shot down in Nashville was bought, informed the local newspaper that the pilot along with his son noticed an unfamiliar 18-wheeler vehicle on his property. So, the duo flew the drone down to vehicle and lowered the device to 85 feet. A man got off the vehicle and shot the drone thrice with a shotgun; thereby damaging its propellers. According to the store owner, a similar drone shooting took place in the nearby Hendersonville.

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According to the VP of Policy and Legal Affairs for DJI, it is federal offence to shoot down a drone. Moreover, the shooter, in doing so, also tends to threaten the safety of people in the vicinity and might lead to bodily injury because of a dropping drone.

However, as it turns out, the law Enforcement Agencies are yet to find a relevant law that could bring the drone shooters in the grasp of the law. Hence, drone shooters such as those from Kentucky, Nashville and Hendersonville tend to get away with it.

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Having said that, the act of shooting down a drone is always fraught with a lot of risk since it can lead to injuries to bystanders. You may solicit help from the police or hope that Army Cyber Institute comes to your rescue.

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