Oscar Mayer’s Wiener Mobile has More Company

All of those who have watched the Oscar Mayer’s hot dog ad, must be familiar with the legendary WienerMobile that has been touring the country since the 1930s.

Yes! This is exactly the WienerMobile that we are talking about. You, perhaps, would have seen it sometime being driven through your neighborhood as well.

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The Oscar Mayer’s Wiener Mobile has been doing the rounds around the country almost alone with the popular Hot Doggers. But it is no more alone, folks! The hot dog company has come up with revamped vehicles along with a Hot Dog Delivery Drone.

Image Source by Onion

Hey, there are people who are scared of hot dogs as well. Do you know what the fear of hot dogs is called? It’s called canisinfernobia! Informative! Isn’t it? Nevertheless, the company has a whole fleet of these vehicles lined up to attract more customers to their iconic product. Take a look at this video and get to know more about the Oscar Mayer’s WienerMobile.

YouTube video

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