Drone in Europe

Quick Guide to Flying a Drone in Europe

If you are unsure about the destination for your next getaway, then flying a drone in Europe is something that you should definitely give a serious thought to. It means that you should be opting for a destination that will provide you with stunning landscape for your drone aerial photography and cinematography experience.

What is it like to fly a drone in Europe?

Before you leave for your international getaway, do not forget to get yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations prevalent in countries across the world with regard to drones. Some countries have stringent regulations in relation to the value of goods that can be brought into the country by an individual while others may not even allow you to capture images with your drone, let alone flying it.

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Flying drones around the world is a great way to exploring new stuff and trying out new things.

After attending the World of Drones Congress in Brisbane, we had lots of fun as we explored the coast of Noosa, Australia. As a matter of fact, we had a ball after the Interdrone flying drones in Europe.

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