Star Wars Drones Are a Reality Now!

Eventually, the drone manufacturers Propel have engineered officially licensed Star Wars drones similar to Millenium Falcom, speeders, fighters and the works. Movie fans will soon be revelling in aerial adventures with these machines. In contrast to the movie machines with myriad propulsion systems, these quadcopters can hit speeds of 40 mph and boast laser tag capabilities.


What to expect from Star Wars Drones?

Built exclusively for the aficionados, the Propel CEO claimed at the Star Wars Celebration 2016 in London that specially designed drone boxes had been created to use these devices a collectibles and let dronies impersonate John Williams.

Costing about $200 to $300, these drones have gained massive traction among consumers. So much so, the Propel’s website has been overburdened with excessive traffic from fans. So, you better get yourself registered with your email address and let them get back to you.

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