Quadcopter Waiter

Sushi is World’s First Quadcopter Waiter

Generally, when you turn up at a restaurant, a host seats you down at an appropriate table. Soon after you settle down, a waiter takes your order and you are served your meal right where you are sitting. Similar is the case with the quadcopter waiter.

Quadcopter waiter incident

Almost a decade ago, Sushi restaurants began to spring up in presumably for the first time in Japan that delivered compact sized trays of delicacies via conveyor belts. There were a few that used floating boats in a moat of water but the conveyor belts have been the most popular.

Having said that, in order for this work, you need to be seated at the accurate place. Moreover, since the food is not served in accordance with individual orders, so this is a practice that I would not like myself to indulge into more than once.

Throwing tradition into the bin is the quadcopter food runner called as Sushi. Sushi restaurants are carrying out trial flights of this qudcopter waiter that is powerful enough to carry a tray full of delicious food items to the customers. I believe that this seems to be a rather improbably delivery system and presumably has been contrived to solicit some media attention and nothing more.

At least it is better than the damn belt! The quadcopter waiter will give you what you order and you will not have to wait for your desired specialty to turn up at the conveyor belt.

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It seems Sushi is soon going to become a quadcopter delivery drone in the coming days!


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