Drone Racing

Drone Sports Gets Faster and More Popular

Flying your drone through a complicated obstacle track such as that portrayed in the ...

5 Tips for Rookies to Become Ace Drone Racers

Drones are being extensively used in aerial cinematography and land mapping activities. ...

Dolphins Owner Invests a Million Dollars in Drone Racing

There have been reports of Stephen Ross, who is the owner of Miami Dolphins, has invested ...

Drone Racing League Race3 to be Launched Soon

Drone racing league is always ready to introduce you to a range of new innovative ...

Drone Racing is the Next Big Thing: Come Join In

There’s not a soul in this world that would mind becoming a superhuman freak. Even if ...

Highlights From the First US Drone Racing Championships

The world’s newest sport to have enthralled enthusiasts all over the globe has just seen ...
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