Top Flite Power Point Propeller Balancer

Thinking of some inventive way to balance your airplane or boat’s propellers? With the help of the Top Flite’s Point Propeller balancer, you can balance your spinner backplates, car wheels and tires in addition to your aircraft and boat’s propellers. 

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  • Accurate ground balancing shaft that is surrounded by a couple of formidable Ceramic 8 magnets that allow the shaft to float ensuring optimum responsiveness
  • Realistically priced and user-friendly; ideal for modelers of all types
  • It reduces propeller vibrations by mitigating engine wear and tear and avoids structural damage
  • You can use it anywhere you want; either in your backyard or in the flying zone
  • Made of durable, impact resistant plastic and nickel steel
  • Contains an elaborate guide including instructions how to balance unbalanced propellers and how to figure out the wind speed with the help of the balancer
  • Can be used to balance boat propellers, vehicle wheels, tires, ducted fans, spinners, nose weights and plenty of other stuff
  • You can balance propellers up to 24 inches in size and wheels and tires of virtually all sizes and diameters

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