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Unique and Multipurpose: Teal Drone

$36.98 $78.98
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Unique and Multipurpose: Teal Drone
Unique and Multipurpose: Teal Drone
$36.98 $78.98

Along with boasting an optimum speed of above 85mph, the Teal drone had plenty of tricks up its sleeves.  Camera drones by DJI, Follow Me drones such as the Lily and FPV racing drones are some of the most common types of drones available on the market. Teal boasts a modular design to accomplish all the aforementioned tasks and even more. At its optimum speed, the aircraft offers a flight duration of 10 minutes while at reduced speeds, the flight time is increased to 20 minutes.

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The developers have also introduced an open source software development kit; thereby expanding the vistas of opportunity for creativity and innovation. Cameras with reduced delay and analogue radio transmitters have been provided for the FPV racing module while operators can capture stunning aerial imagery using the 4K UHD and 13MP camera. Despite the wide range of functionalities built into this grand machine, it is compact enough for easy storage and portability.

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