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US drone maker, Skyfish set to double in size

2020 was a massive year for Skyfish, an American drone maker. Now, it looks like 2021 will become even better. Due to the recently-announced $20 million funding from Series Seed funding, Skyfish looks destined to reach extravagant heights.  The signs are already good because the company has made one significant board appointment which could accelerate their marketing prowess.

The US drone maker is set to double in size

Majority of the Series Seed funding will go to the hiring. The reason is because the drone maker company wants to double its employed staff from 24 employees to 50 by the end of 2021. Apart from the engineers, IT professionals and salesmen, they are also appointing drone pilots.

Majority of the posts will be at Stevensville, Montana, where Skyfish’s headquarters are established. Considering the less population in this town, and the potential of Skyfish, Stevensville will hold major importance regarding this drone maker company.

Stevensville will be referred to as ‘local thriving community’ for mapping, modeling and technological professionals. However, not all jobs will be in this town. The company is still looking to find cities for the making of their satellite offices. They can be Atlanta, Denver or any North East location. The focus will be on locations which have the climate to support the flying of drones.

Looking into photogrammetry

US drone maker

Skyfish, the American drone maker, came onto the map after its innovative made-in-America drone. This was a massive task that allows exquisite centimeter grade measurements. Considering that Skyfish is a massive platform associated with drone-making, numerous enterprise clients are associated to companies like this.

According to the 2019 survey, 88% of the respondents stated that they would prefer to buy a drone from a United States headquartered company. However, their opinion is inclined with the usage of drone data by the federal countries’ governments. The US drone maker is ensuring effective collaboration with the Congress and is NDAA sec. 848 compliant, which is crucial flag for certain drone procedures.


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