500 Intel Drones Replaced Fireworks This Fourth of July

Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California presented an entirely different spectacle this Fourth of July as the customary fireworks were substituted by 500 Intel Shooting Star drones. The drones whizzed through the air as they carried stunning aerial maneuvers in commemoration of the Base’s 75th anniversary and in the honor of the Fourth of July.

Intel’s Shooting Star drones also had the privilege of performing at Disney World, Super Bowl and the Olympics.

The drone fleet is controlled by an individual thanks to an intricate platform that pre-configures the trajectory of each gizmo. Intel engineers claim that the platform has the ability to control an unlimited number of drones. The drones are kept in their arc via GPS but were void of any collision detection sensors.

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Nevertheless, this tremendous show was evident of the extent to which technology has been able to make progress in the recent years. We also witnessed the same drones performing at the Disney World and felt that they were a stunning replacement of the customary fireworks. Of course, fireworks are a tradition that is held so dearly on the Fourth of July but they can never be a replacement of the features that these prolific drones bring with themselves. Moreover, they do not make all that noise and clamor that is such a common characteristic of fireworks; thereby ensuring that more people get to enjoy this fantastic spectacle.

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