How to Get Started With Your New Drone

How to get started with your new drone

Were you wondering that how can you get started with new drone, where could you find a drone guide that could help you out once you had bought your new drone?

You must be having loads of questions bombarding your mind.

You must be wondering how to get started with new drone, how drones work, how to fly a drone like professional, what do all the complex terminologies related to drones mean, what are the drone rules and regulations or how to travel with a drone and what drone apps you should download or how to enhance your drone flying experience with the best drone apps, how to get your drone registered, what resources you can access to get help such as taking things into consideration when buying a drone, how to become commercial drone pilot, Tips and tricks to capture stunning videos with a drone and blah blah!

You may be thinking how does the DJI Go app work or who are the ace pilots around that you should be idolizing or what videos should you be watching to get some inspiration.

If you have all or even one of the above mentioned questions troubling your soul then you are fortunate enough to land at the right spot.

So, go through this below detailed post and if you feel that there is something that you would like to know about that has not been included in this tutorial, then do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


Is it required to get your drone registered?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) makes it mandatory to get all the drones registered which weigh between 0.55lbs and 55lbs (as below 250g doesn’t need registration).

In case you own a small sized drone, it is highly probable that you will not be requiring it to get registered.

Having said that, if you own a drone that is larger in size, then you certainly need to get it registered.

The simple online application process takes not more than 5 minutes and costs about $5.

The received identification number must be pasted on your drone at a prominent location.

Here is a video tutorial on the registration process.

You can get to know more about the drone rules and regulations on FAA’s website.

What are the drone rules and regulations?

In the beginning, when I was new to the world of drones, there were no strict rules and regulations in place to ensure compliance with minimum safety standards.

But it’s been a long time now and people have to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Let’s take a look at the summary of these rules to get started with new drone:

  • You are not allowed to fly your drone at an altitude higher than 40 feet
  • You must fly your drone within line of sight all the time. A spotter to assist you during your flying adventures could be handful
  • You are required to maintain a safe distance of at least 5 miles away from the airports otherwise solicit permission from the authorities if you want to get anywhere close to such sensitive installments. Violation of this rule can result in a fine as steep as $25,000 in addition to incarceration
  • You are not allowed to fly your drone over humans or near sporting arenas or racing tracks or during events such as the Superbowl or Indianapolis 500
  • You are not allowed to fly in National Parks such as the Grand Canyon or such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite or else get ready for six months of jail time and a fine of $5,000
  • You are required to keep your drone at least 25 feet away from people and strictly prohibited to fly your drone over vulnerable crowds
  • Ensure that you do not take your drone closer to no-fly zones or Government-owned sensitive installments, water treatment facilities, power stations, correctional facilities, freeways etc.
  • You are not allowed to infringe upon the privacy of people either by flying or by taking photographs
  • You will be liable to the payment of a fine up to $25,000 if you fly near fires
  • A Part 107 license is required if you want to fly your drone commercially. You can get more information about the Part 107 license here

I highly encourage to keep the above mentioned rules and regulations in mind so that you are able to keep the people in your surroundings safe from any harm or even yourself by avoiding drone injury happening from propeller.

Here is this cool Know Before You fly website that will provide you some detailed information.

Here are some informative links that discuss the rules and regulations for dronies living in countries other than United States.

Go through a Drone flight checklist/CheatSheet

Here is a link to my comprehensive drone pre-flight checklist.

If you are wondering what are all the terminologies such as FPV, RC, RTF and compass calibration about; then this Drone Terminology guide will beneficial for you, plus if you have any FAQ regarding Drones.

Get to know the places where you can and cannot fly

You are not required to fly your drone near sensitive government installments or any other restricted areas designated by the authorities.

The website provides comprehensive information to drone pilots about No Fly Zones. This assists them in visualizing the airspace around them to figure out where they are allowed to fly.

Then, I encourage you to discover a wide open space for you to carry out your flight adventures. A place void of any power transmission lines, trees or any such obstacles would be great. Try to learn mistakes you should not make in your first drone flight .

Also read our article how to fly a drone in snow and indoor.

This post certainly be helpful by learning 34 cool tips how to do drone photography.

Learn to fly drones

In the beginning, you should get acquainted with how to fly a toy grade drone that does not cost you a lot even if it gets destroyed in case of a crash. Once you get comfortable with flying a low-cost drone, then you can move onto a more expensive proposition. These are some of the ways through which you can get started with new drone.

The Syma X1 is the way to go when it comes to the rookies, however, check a few more other alternatives for indoor adventure.

I also suggest you to practice flying using a drone flight simulator. If you own a DJI drone then you can use the integrated simulator on the DJI Go app.

It will help build your confidence gradually after loads of laborious practice sessions.

Here is a very in-depth post on How to Fly a Drone.

You can also go through this article that discusses yaw, pitch, throttle, and roll. It also discusses the six best drone exercises that will help you gain confidence.

Be Part of the Community

Here are some authentic platforms online that will provide you with tons of detailed information about drones:

Must-Read Articles

Here are few articles which may help you to get started with new drone or even building your own FPV

Drone apps to check out

UAV Forecast (free): This app provides you with ways to get started with new drone. It gives you updated weather predictions, information related to GPS satellites, solar activity (Kp), no-fly zones, and flight prohibitions.

AirMap (free): This app provides information about where you can and cannot fly. In addition, if you are flying within 5 miles of an airport, you can seek the contact information of the airport authorities to let them know that you are flying your drone in their vicinity.

SKRWT ($1.99): This app lets the users rectify the horizontal and vertical distortion that is a common feature of drone imagery.

Here is a comprehensive list of Top 10 Smartphone Apps For Your Drone.

Check Drone Brands

Today hundreds of drones are available around the globe – better check these drones in terms of multiple factors by:

  • Brand
  • Service (After-Sale Support)
  • Quality
  • Price

Here are top brands currently available in the market

Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone
Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone
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Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone
Get Started With New Drone
Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone
Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone
Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone Get Started With New Drone

Tutorials to Watch

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Get Started With New Drone Website to bookmark as favorites

Drone Business Marketer: This is a handy resource for professional pilots that provides useful information about how they can expand their enterprise.

sUAS news: This website portrays latest news about the drone industry to keep the drone enthusiasts updated with everyday developments.

Top 10 Drones: This website talks about latest drone technology and you can find in depth review, tips and tricks plus latest deals on drones, drones gadgets, accessories and much more.

Drones Skins This website lists drones skins for different types of drones to make it look beautiful.

Drones Bags This website talks about drones bags incase you are travelling or moving from place to place.

Drones Lights This website This website contains LED strip light and other related lighting for your multicopter,FPV, Drones and much more! .

Drones Trackers This website helps you keep your drone secure by tracking – incase you loose them or just wanted to track its path.

Twitter accounts of note

@echeng: He is a fabulous drone pilot and former Director of Aerial Imaging at DJI

@dronelaws: This handle shares interesting information about drone laws and the latest drone news

@TheDroneGirl: This handle discusses all the latest drone news and shares commentaries regarding them

@DroneLawPro: Another resource for getting fantastic information about drone news and laws

@DroneRadioShow: You can get access to three drone podcast

@UAVCoach: Provides updated drone news and posts

@DroneLaw_SC: Another resource for getting fantastic information about drone news and laws

Instagram Accounts

@dronephotoshots: wonderful imagery of breathtaking places

@dronessale: fantastic imagery from all over the world

@gavman18: breathtaking imagery of South Africa

@safesolvent: stunning aerial selfies

@mvernicos: scintillating imagery of Greece

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@dylan.schwartz: astonishing imagery of Southern California

@littlecoal: magnificent imagery of Ohio

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@iherok: awesome imagery of Dubai

@dirka: Useful account about all things related to drones

Online Tools to Get Started With New Drone

You will be needing some software for post-production purposes. There are plenty of them out there but I personally prefer the following products:

Here is another post that shares the drone cinematography post production and make it amazing by using these tools.

Now, here is some of the equipment that I love to suggest to all the burgeoning drone pilots out there:

That’s it folks! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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