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What Exactly is a Drone?

This post is geared towards eliminating the misconceptions that exist in relation to the word Drone. I’ll be discussing the actual meaning of this word and will also endeavor to shed some light on what drones are really used for and what do they actually do!  

What People Think When they Hear the Word Drone

Generally, we a lot of people hear the word Drone, they assume it as some sort of badass military-grade gizmo such as the MQ-9 reaper which is in reality a military unmanned aerial vehicle that has the capacity to travel a distance of thousands of miles with devastating bombs and missiles attached to its bottom. Of course, the MQ-9 reaper can be thought of as a drone but then it would be equivalent to calling a military tank, a car! As a matter of fact, all the drones vary in their design, functionality and the purpose for which they have been built. So here’s my request to you: whenever you hear the word drone from anywhere in your surroundings, please make sure that you do not assume it to be a potentially harmful military-grade device that could wreak havoc in milliseconds.  

What My Definition of the Word Drone is!

A drone is a remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle that is manipulated via the radio frequencies and can be sent out to perform a number of tasks such as capture video, photograph, audio, weather data or even take some object to a target location and bring something back in return. If you have a remote controlled multi-rotor helicopter or an aircraft, it does reserve the right to be called a drone unless you mount a camera onto it to capture videos or photographs. So, in short, a drone is a device that can be used to access data. If we are not able to retrieve data by virtue of some flying device, I’m afraid we can’t call it a drone.  

What People Use Drones For

Drones are being used for a number stuff such as three dimensional mapping, law enforcement, aerial videography, crop dusting, search and rescue, delivery of items to your doorstep and even for the sake of hobbies. This is a pretty exhaustive list, rather an unending list that will go on an on. In fact, it does not matter what can be done with the help of a drone. What matters is what you are interested in doing with the help of a drone. You won’t believe your ears when you get to know that most of the dronies who are developing drones, use them for nothing but to spend some quality time while flying them. Initially, when you start flying drones, you might have to conjure up some reasons to validate your interest for flying them, but as you get into them, you tend to realize that flying them was something you missed all through your life. Flying drones is real fun and the First Person View (FPV) feature in drones really renders the whole experience unforgettable. Are you thinking to jump into the world of drones and buy your first drone? If you don’t have much money up your sleeves, it does not matter. You don’t necessarily have to buy a $400 drone at first. You can start off with a smaller device. You can view a large number of small sized low cost remote controlled quadcopters and helicopters on Browse this website or click on the search to find your dream drone gadget.
Top 10 Drones
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