Almost 1 in Every 10 Americans is a Drone Owner As Per Survey




According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre in 2017, approximately one in every 10 Americans claimed that they are a drone owner while three out of every five of them claimed that they had seen a drone carry out its phenomenal midair maneuvers.

However, in spite of an overwhelming number of people been exposed to drones, a vast majority of Americans are not enthralled by the idea of these electronic gizmos zipping through the air around them.

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Statistics about a drone owner in the US

4,135 persons were interviewed by the Pew Research Centre in the summer of 2017. They were asked a wide array of questions regarding drones such as their sentiments when they were around them and the areas they perceived were appropriate for drone flights.

And the survey results came up with astounding pointers with regard to the bulk of the opinion of the American denizens held towards the drone owner.
Slight majority of Americans think drones should not be allowed to fly near private homes

A massive majority of Americans discouraged the thought of drones flying near people’s homes, in the vicinity of crime scenes or over traffic accidents.

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It is quite surprising that Americans are averse to drones despite them coming in handy in roof inspections and documentation of crime scenes. As a matter of fact, insurance companies are employing drones to monitor damage around homes and of course drones flying near homes is mandatory for the idea of package delivery through drones to be realized.
About one-in-ten Americans would be angry or scared if they saw a drone near home

Most of the negative emotions regarding drones, however, emanate from older Americans. Two in every five of the people born from the 1980s onwards are against drones flying near homes while this opinion is agreed to by almost three out of every four of the people who were born from the 1940s onwards.
Older adults are less accepting of drone use in a variety of venues
Here are the good tidings though: despite the fact that most Americans are not enthralled by the idea of a drone owner, most of them harbor positive sentiments of curiosity and interest when around them. Only one in every American is spooked to see a drone zipping through the sky around his or her home.

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