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Animals Take a Shot at Drones

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Animals Take a Shot at Drones
Animals Take a Shot at Drones

Wild animals live isolated in forests since that is precisely the place where they should be. They certainly don’t want humans to come infringing on their privacy and disturb for no particular reason. So, when you fly your drone close to these predators to capture some scintillating close up shots, you should also be ready for them try to snatch, push, punch, bite or attack the gizmo in an aggressive manner.

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You should also be on the lookout for them trying to come after you in a belligerent mood. We bring to you some of the most harrowing tussles between predators and small unmanned aircraft systems that have become so much popular among enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Animals take on Drones!

 An alligator in Florida tried its level best to jump at this drone and have a smack at it with its mighty jaws while it was trying to capture it from a close distance.

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In this video, a grazing ram not only aggressively charged at a drone but also went out for the operator and tackled him hard.

Here is an African Cheetah that tried to become airborne and grab at the drone in a rather spectacular way.

In this video, a black bear got scared of the drone and later on became more friendly with it and started playing with it. In a recent research, it was revealed that bears tend to get stressed out whenever drones are in their vicinity.

In Massachusetts, a hawk caught sight of a drone infiltrating its territory and so got angry. In this video, the hawk successfully rattles the drone and sends it down crashing into the ground.

Not long ago, a group of scientists sent this drone whizzing through the skies intentionally to be followed by an eagle and decimated.

Even the bumble bees get distracted with the annoying presence of drones and attempt to fight it out against the drone.

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