DJI Goggles: FPV Headset for Your Beloved Drone

This magnificent gadget is one of the most awaited devices by DJI. DJI have been looking to manufacture FPV goggles for quite some time now. This amazing device was released by the company today. As we write this article, we are moving to the NAB Show in Las Vegas to get an opportunity to use this fabulous FPV headset. Here are a few important details of this superb device but you will have to stay connected for our full coverage.

Consisting of a couple of 5 inch displays with complete High Definition resolution, the FPV headset boasts a total viewing area of 3840 x 1080. With a weight of about 495 grams, they are just above the one pound mark and come with a solid base system that sports a crown-style design with splendid padding to attach to your FPV headset. Overall the goggles weigh just about a couple of pounds.]

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Based on your requirements, you can to view the video in the FPV headset in a number of ways. For the DJI Mavic Pro, you can view the video wirelessly via OcuSync video transmission at 720p resolution which can be extended to 1080p resolution. It of course depends upon the type of connection and its strength to the drone.

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In order to connect your DJI Phantom 4 series aircraft or the DJI Inspire 2 device, a wired connection is required from the controller. You can view the video streaming at a resolution of 720p in this mode as well and if everything is perfect, then you can also extend the resolution to 1080p. There will be a delay in the video feed of just about 100ms though. For those wondering, these are certainly not the goggles meant for your racing drones, we are afraid

There is an integrated HDMI port that lets you use the FPV headset as a display screen for virtually any media device. The manufacturers claim that the dual 5 inch display panels appear as if you are sitting in front of a 216 inch TV at a distance of about 3 meters. Now, that’s quite a hefty claim, ain’t it!

The FPV headset also comes with a microSD card slot that lets you review your recorded video footage, a micro USB port to connect to remotes or for charging purposes and a 3.5mm headphone jack that ensures complete digital immersion.

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The rechargeable 9,440mAh battery is one of the most astounding features of this phenomenal FPV headset. The manufacturers claim that the battery provides a lifespan of about 6 hours including flight, video games and virtually anything that you want to view via the connection points. When using with the DJI Mavic Pro, this FPV headset will provide performance equivalent to two complete flight sessions with all the three batteries included in the Fly More Bundle. That’s spectacular.

Stay connected for more coverage. We are heading towards DJI to try this prolific gizmo on our heads. Let us know if you have any queries.

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