Domino Plans Pizza Delivery with Autonomous Robots

The concept of delivering orders to customers autonomously is really taking roots among the companies all over the world. Most of the enterprises are mainly focusing on drones in this regard but there are other players in the market who are looking to utilize other technologies to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. One of such technologies is soon to be tested by Domino’s.

Built by Starship Technologies, Domino’s are planning to employ autonomous, 6-wheeled electric robots to deliver pizzas. The robots have an optimum speed of 10MPH but will be delivering pizzas at 4MPH. Owing to the restrictions and limitations imposed by the speed element, the pizzas will initially be delivered to customers in the area within one-mile radius of the Domino’s franchise.
Dominos-robots-6 wheel

The robots responsible for pizza delivery will only be deployed in the selected Domino’ stores in Germany and Netherlands and will be accompanied by humans to ensure nothing goes awry in the beginning.

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Domino’s have alternate plans in line as well in case things do not pan out as planned. One of such alternate autonomous devices is the AT Panther which can be used in the air as well as on the ground.

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The AT Panther has the ability to land on the customer’s street and make its way to the doorstep with a package of about 15 pounds. It can also be equipped with cameras, robotic arms, speakers, signature pads and other hop-ups.

domino pizza

The introductory price of this device is about $2,495 until April, 5 or till 200 units are sold.  We expect that the prices will be increased after this period though we are not sure about the quantum of the increment. You should also be aware of the fact that you will have to purchase a separate battery package for ground and aerial flights which can be bought for around $1,199.

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