Drone’s Delivery Sees Positivity as Google’s Project Wing Takes Flight

Project Wing is the X Project launched by Google which has now currently placed under the joint parent Alphabet. It focuses primarily on deliveries via drones. The project has shared an important development recently with regard to making everyday drone delivery a reality.

The company successfully went through a series of tests organized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA in attempt to check out their air traffic management capabilities for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The air traffic management is essential in the context when high speed vehicles whizz through the skies without engaging a direct pilot, delivering packages and other items as a segment of an intricately designed automated network.

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Automated Drone Delivery Network

The Project Wing intends to create a network consisting of hordes of drones, delivering ordered packages and carrying out tons of other tasks as they smartly criss cross around other aerial vehicles, buildings and react intelligently to varying weather conditions. The consequent phenomenon will require complex manoeuvring. This is precisely what was depicted in the system tested by Project Wing at the test site operated and overseen by Virginia Tech. In this test, a single pilot controlled three drones simultaneously for standalone pickup and delivery of packages. The drones had to be navigated around two Intel Drones and a DJI Inspire which were all flying in the same vicinity.

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Traffic Management Platform

The test revealed how the Project Wing’s traffic management system automatically mapped the paths of all the aerial vehicles and smartly updated and organized the paths during flight in real time outdoor flight conditions. The main purposes of the development of such a complex traffic management platform is to emphasize on planning paths for drones flying close to each other and issue timely notifications regarding unanticipated changes in routes to the remote pilots in addition to airspace alerts and path corrections that can be employed in emergencies such as forest fires.

Future Plans

Project Wing’s next target is to provide additional support for simultaneous flights and in conditions that involve a lot of congestion and rush. This is just the beginning of a sublime future but a giant step towards making drone delivery a reality. Surely, the regulators and denizens of cities could get a lot of benefit from this development in the times to come.

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