Drones Take Part in Great Wall of China’s Restoration Project

Drones are participating in the restoration project being undertaken at one of the most ancient sites of the world.

In a bid to capture more than 10,000 high resolution images, drones have been employed in the project. These images will later be stitched together to form a three dimensional model of the Great Wall of China.

One of the most famous portions of the Great Wall of China, known as Jiankou, is being restored by the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation (CFCHC). This portion of the Great Wall is dangerously steep and it is enclosed by wild terrain.

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Instead of undertaking a survey of the site using conventional approaches, Intel Falcon 8+ drones are being employed to generate a model which endeavors to furnish the ecologists with an electronic model of the existing condition of the wall. Intel claims that the drones allow the preservationists to produce an efficient repair and maintenance schedule in a matter of only a few days as opposed to the manual procedure which necessitates the use of a tape measure and visual monitoring by individuals over a period that may span over several months.

The Intel Falcon 8+ drone was introduced for the first time in 2016 and comes with a V-shaped design. It has been specifically engineered for monitoring and land mapping.

Commercial drones are being vastly employed in the field of surveying and land mapping. As a matter of fact, surveying has emerged as one of the most common uses of drones in Europe as four in every five drones are being employed for surveying and cartography according to the statistics released by Drone Industry Insights in the summer of 2018. Drone Industry Insights is a market research firm that is headquartered in Germany.

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Drones for surveying can substitute tasks that are generally too expensive, temporally inefficient or dangerous to undertake; the restoration project of the Great Wall of China is a great example.

The Drone Industry Insight’s report claims that as opposed to the conventional approaches of surveying and infrastructure monitoring, the use of drones make the tasks a lot more easier, effective and swift as the deployment of scaffolding, building climbers and other individuals becomes redundant. It further elaborates that the data acquired through these means is way denser and the outlay is lower. Moreover, the timeline is extensively reduced.

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Drone developers are concentrating their efforts at producing drones specifically dedicated to land mapping and surveying. DroneDeploy have come up with a software that seamlessly integrates with DJI products. Similarly, Yuneec has also announced their intention to integrate with drone mapping software Pix4D which was developed by Parrot. Parrot are renowned for their top quality Parrot Bebop drone and offer their all in one drone bundles that incorporate both the software and their own drones.

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