Drones will Catch You If You Litter Trash in the Streets of Dubai

Authorities plan to use drones to clamp down on people throwing garbage in public spaces. In a report published in Gulf News, the Dubai Waste Management Department is planning to employ drones to catch litterbugs spoiling beaches and deserts. The department intends to expand its army of drones which currently stands at a single drone overseeing the city’s landfill sites.

According to the department’s chief, drones offer an affordable proposition and they hope to get at least a couple on board some time soon. People tend to camp in deserts at night while enjoying barbeque parties and visit beaches in the early quarter of the year as long as good weather prevails.

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In addition to catching litterbugs, the drones will also play an important role in apprehending illegal dumpers as they will able to provide high quality photographs and video footages of city streets.


Meanwhile, down in UK, the law enforcement agencies are planning to use eagles to snatch down illicit drones from the sky.

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