Edgybees Brings the New Augmented Reality Drones Game

We all are familiar with the everyday usage of drones. Some of us like to use them for capturing aerial photographs and video footages; there are some who utilize them in their business pursuits such as for surveys and land-mapping; enterprises are thinking of using them for home-delivery services while a number of humanitarian organizations have been using them to carrying out rescue missions and dropping off relief and aid items in conflict-ridden zones.

Drone racing

There is yet another large community of drone enthusiasts who actually use drones for racing purposes. They also utilize them for performing stunning aerial manoeuvres, stunts, tricks and even fighting some drone combats.

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Edgybees the pioneers!

There are a few folk out there who have gone a step further and are using drones as parts of real life video games.

Eggbees Game Level

Recently, Edgybees announced that they have developed the world’s first augmented reality drones game involving the DJI drones. The whole concept behind this scheme is that actual pilots fly the actual drones through the air but virtually through 30 virtual obstacle tracks in the sky.

What is augmented reality?

Now, at first it might sound confusing to you and this is what augmented reality actually is. The images of these virtual courses along with their obstacles are juxtaposed as a layer on top of the First Person View real time video feed transmitted by the integrated drone camera. All of course, all of this work if you do not end up smashing your drone into some real life objects. During the course of conquering their courses, the players will collect numerous virtual prizes and will simultaneously compete against players from all over the world.

What is augmented reality
Check out the following video to understand more about Augment Reality Concept

YouTube video

How to play the Drone Game?

Since the application has been developed using the DJI’s development kit, so a pilot would of course be requiring a DJI drone,(which can be had for around $799) and the Drone Prix AR app to play the augmented reality video game.

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You can have a look at how this game will be played.

YouTube video

DJI and Epson get together!

It was in 2016 when DJI and Epson announced their collaboration in developing augmented reality glasses. We know that the FPV goggles tend to cover the entire eyes of the pilots and are mostly used by drone racers. On the contrary, the augmented reality glasses appear similar to Google Glass. The purpose of the augmented reality glasses is to project the view of the drone’s camera while playing the video game in addition to allowing the pilot to keep an eye contact with the machine.

Earlier, augmented reality goggles have been used by commercial users. In this regime, a pilot would continue with his mapping or surveying tasks while simultaneously keeping a close eye at the drone which is a rules that has to be followed under the Part 107 certification.

Augmented reality and emergency response

There are companies such as Rapid Imaging Software that have used drones and augmented reality in carrying out emergency response. On one occasion, the company flew a drone over a flooded town and utilized augmented reality to stack a layer of the map underscoring where the streets and roads were supposed to be in normal circumstances. This mapping was also employed by emergency response teams to pinpoint locations where relief efforts were needed.

YouTube video

Are you ready for the video game?

Are you excited to play the new Edgybees augmented reality drone game? Or are you still getting a hang of flying a drone in real life scenarios? Let us know about your opinions in the comments section below.

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