Employ Jedi Mind Tricks with DJI Spark’s Gesture Control Features

It’s to become a mind-freak such as the Jedi using DJI Spark’s much coveted gesture control features. Spark is the smallest drone to have been manufactured by the tech giants DJI and can be had for just $499. What makes the launch of DJI Spark such a revelation is its ability to be manoeuvred with the help of gesture control. The inbuilt camera tends to detect the body movement of its users as they raise or lower their arms or hands. While tracking the user’s gestures, the drone endeavors to comprehend the the commands being issued and then flies up or down or captures photographs in accordance with the commands.

A Startup’s Failure

You must remember that Lily once announced that they were in the middle of manufacturing a drone that could land and takeoff from the palm of a user’s hand. But Lily were not able to live upto their promise. As a matter of fact, they became insolvent and were unable to ship their product to the 61,000 customers who had placed pre-orders. DJI, however, have converted the long-envisioned dream into a reality with the DJI Spark as it can land and takeoff from the user’s hand.

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Small Sized Drones are the Norm

In the past, smaller manufacturers of drones such as the Intel-supported Yuneec and the French tech company Parrot have been producing low-budget small sized drones. This is for the first time that DJI have ventured into the realm of manufacturing compact sized machines dedicated specifically for the consumers.

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DJI are the kings of drones

Before the launch of DJI Spark by the mighty DJI, each of the product was sold for no less than $1,000. DJI have made a name for themselves in producing top quality Ready to Fly machines of which the Phantom series is the most well-known.

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In addition, they have also been producing stunning devices equipped with top of the line integrated cameras for professional cinematographers. Moreover, they have also succeeded in capturing the imagination of enterprises by developing large sized sturdy drones designed especially for business purposes. According the data revealed by experts, DJI have a valuation of about $8 billion and own a market share of around 85%.

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DJI Spark Specifications

The DJI Spark is available to the consumers in as many as five different colors such as the Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red and Sunrise Yellow.


Boasting a battery lifespan of 16 minutes, the device sports a camera that is mounted onto a dual axis gimbal. The camera incorporates a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor and has the ability of capturing High Definition video footages at 1080p and top quality photographs at 12 Megapixels. In addition, the machine also features sensors that allow it to avoid any obstacles and hence keep away from potential collisions.

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First Person View Support

The DJI Spark also comes with a remote controller add-on that can be used by the users to trigger the Sport Mode on and begin whizzing the superb device at speeds as high as 31mph. When the Sport Mode is switched on, the gimbal is configured to the first person view and the camera starts moving during the flight. The DJI Spark is also compatible with the DJI Goggles; thus facilitating First Person View flights.

Collision Detection and Obstacle Avoidance

In the presence of an appropriate GPS signal, the DJI Spark, similar to its predecessors, can make its way back to its base station without any fuss. While the user is using the remote controller, the connection gets broken down in case the battery starts running out of juice or if the user presses the Return to Base key, the device hurries back to its home station in a rush while simultaneously detecting collisions and avoiding obstacles. The DJI’s geofencing mechanisms prevent the DJI Spark from flying in areas where stringent rules are in place as it lets the pilot know of the security and safety issues at hand.

Drones are getting smaller with every passing day

The DJI Spark only weighs about 0.6 pounds and is another of the modern day machines that are getting smaller and easily portable. This is a huge relief for the consumers who had reservations regarding the bulky frames of drones and who felt that they were too difficult to be transported from one spot to another. A $500 drone named as in the fall of 2016 that could be had for just $1,000 and despite having a size larger than the Spark, it could be folded into a crumpled ball of size as small as a soda can. The actual aim of the drone manufacturers by resorting to small sized devices is that they want their machines to be accessed by consumers of all shapes and tastes and want them to be used more frequently.

DJI are expanding their customer base

The DJI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Michael Perry believes that it is beyond the imagination of an average customer what to do with a drone on everyday basis. He is of the view that people want a drone that can be flown easily and let them use it as much as possible.

Budget Talks!

In its original packaging, the DJI Spark includes the drone, a battery pack, a USB charger and three pairs of props and can be had for $499. The DJI Spark Fly More Combo includes a drone, two battery packs, four pairs of props, a flight controller, prop guards, a charging hub, a shoulder bag and other required wires and can be bought for just $699. Check out the following table to see the latest price of new DJI Spark Drone.

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