Fast and the Furious Racing Drones For Sale

If you have not heard it before then we are proud to let you know that drone racing is the new rage in the town, folks! You must be wondering what is the actual difference between taking your marvelous DJI Phantom out for a joyride in the local park and fly it around alongside them while taking aerial photographs and recording videos and Drone racing? Drone racing comprises compact sized, formidable, swift and very fast paced drones equipped with FPV systems and goggles whizzing around in intricately designed courses.

The speeds generally hover in the range of up to 100mph while the courses are designed meticulously in accordance with machine specifications and pilots’ skills set. In addition, the winners of the contests get cash prizes while the events are also broadcast on national and international television live. Can you not fall in love with all these spectacular things? In contrast to the modern day camera drones, you can start off with racing drones without having to spend an arm and a leg. Moreover, this post is intended to guide you in the right direction so that you get your hands on the type of racing drone that you are looking for without any fuss.

Requirements of Racing Drones

Let’s not hurry too much and get straight to knowing about the superb machines that you can whizz through technically designed tracks in sophisticated racing events. First and foremost, you must be familiar with the requirements of racing. Keep in mind that they are very fast paced devices, that are swift and agile and these facts might hit you right in your face when you are not able to manoeuvre them the way you want since they also come without any flight assistance features. So it is essential that spend a lot of practice flying sessions so that you get adept at flying these vicious creatures before you actually embark on your quest to racing drones. This post should help you out if you are looking to get more detailed information about racing drones.

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Best Racing Drones For Sale

Walkera F210 3D 

If you are looking for a ready to fly gizmo in the racing world, then it could not get better than buying the magnificent Walkera F210 3D. Featuring both normal and night vision cameras, a formidable frame, easy-to-configure customization settings and plenty of features that would instill durability and reliability into this superb device. It does not mean that the machine is unbreakable upon crashing down into the ground but the manufacturers have done their best to protect the main components from suffering damaging in case of crashes and have made them easily replaceable as and when required.

What’s really the most attractive thing about the Walkera F210 3D is that you can jiggle with the flight capabilities by adjusting the flight controller in accordance with your personal preferences and requirements. The machine is very light in weight and has the ability to turn around the corners with unheard agility. Moreover, it is able to accelerate at astounding pace after taking the turn.

We are not promising you unhindered success in racing events with the Walkera F210 3D but if you expect any out of the box solution to deliver positive results, then this is the one.

Arris X-Speed 250B

The Arris X-Speed 250B boasts a very simplistic design but includes some extremely high-end components. Moreover, if you want to getting up and running, you just have to unbox it, take it out of the box, get your batteries charged up and there you go. It also incorporates a number of automated flight modes to help the new drone racers or if you are not wanting to try out your flying skills. It is a complete package for the beginners out there.

The very light in weight and an exceptional out of the box racing solution.

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Walkera Runner 250 Pro 

As far as the design is concerned, Walkera have probably replicated one of their previous designs in this drone but it certainly reminds one of the magnificent days of the past. This drone has actually been designed to furnish plenty of power at the cost of agility. So, if you are involved in a drag race event with the extremely swift and agile, Walkera F210 3D, the Walkera Runner 250 Pro will definitely win you the day. However, when it comes to turning corners on a technically designed course with supreme agility, Walkera Runner 250 Pro might disappoint you.

All in all, this is a superb drag racing drone. But keep in mind that it weighs around 1lb without the battery pack and other accessories. Once you add them, it will convert into a kind of monster that is not forgettable.

Almost Ready to Fly Racing Drones 

I was planning to leave aside the devices in which you have to do a lot of assembly work yourself. Having said that, keep in mind that the best racing drones do not come in ready to fly packages and if you want to win a few races and become an ace pilot, unfortunately, you will have to build something for yourself.

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro 

The ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro is a device that wants its pilots to get back to their garage in the backyard and carry out some serious assembly work. In contrast to its counterparts being mentioned in this list, the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro is not at all an Almost ready to fly drone. As a matter of fact, it comes in completely unassembled shape. The pilot is required to augment a battery, camera, radio and a flight controller as well. You all should now believe my word that building your own racing quadcopter requires you to gain sufficient expertise in the art and science of drones.

If you possess the appropriate tools and paraphernalia to assemble this device, you would be satisfied to learn that the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro comes with arms made of carbon fibre, a GoPro mount and plenty of other stuff. If you have a display screen, you get to configure the flight controller and remote/FPV connectivity via the on-screen controls. We advise you not to interfere with the frequencies of other pilots in your vicinity but at the same time, ensure that you get your controls right for perfect connectivity and an input without any latency.

At the rear end of the drone is an Arm processor powered LED light grid equipped with RGB controls. You can use these controls to set up turn signals, brake lights or random light shows to impress the onlookers.

Stigg 195

 You ought to be quite circumspect while operating this drone since it boasts a maximum speed that is higher than that allowed by the Federal Aviation Authority legally. As a matter of fact, its optimum speed has been clocked at 128 miles per hour which is far greater than the maximum allowed limit of 100 miles per hour by FAA.

With regard to appearance and shape, the Stigg 195 sports quite an eccentric design to say the least. We agree that the awry propeller arm configuration has been engineered to cut on wind drag. Having said that, this is not a sort of machine that you would like to purchase off the shelf. Let’s not delve into too much details regarding it. If you are thinking to build your own racing drone and willing to invest some decent bucks into it, then there cannot be an option better than this.

The Stigg 195 is not yet available on Amazon but the cost of the chassis begins from $135 and a pilot has to build on from there on in via Catalyst Machineworks. If you do not have enough courage and the potential to carry out this seemingly impossible task, then we suggest you to have a look at the Oregon based Militia Brothers. They are a bunch of drone nerds that tends to construct racing drones of all shapes, sizes and specifications from scratch including the Stigg 195.

Proud to Present the Eachine Falcon 250 Pro 

For those who take a fancy to accepting challenges, here is one for you all: try and fly the Eachine Falcon 250 Pro which is being touted as the toughest device to fly around. It is extremely powerful, swift, nimble, agile and lightweight. This means that it boasts all the attributes that can make us look at it as a Super Drone. As was the case with the supercars of the initial years, a certain degree of skill and craftiness is required on behalf of the pilot to get a hang of this marvelous machine. But once you get in terms with this stupendous device, all your components should always be wary of your prowess.

The tilted propeller framework typically makes it a difficult machine to manoeuvre around. As a matter of fact, this beast likes to remain in a perpetual state of motion since it does not like to hover over a certain spot. It loves to keep on moving!

Surprise Surprise! DJI Mavic Pro

This is a device that is also a part of our best drones, best camera drones and best drones for beginners lists.

Just listen to what I am saying! I know that the DJI Mavic Pro boasts less than half of the maximum speed as compared to the devices that we have been discussing prior to this one. In addition, it has a bulky frame and boasts low sensitivity in the air. But there is something that has coerced us to include the Mavic Pro in our fast furious racing drones list. It supports DJI Goggles! Almost every drone racer that I have had the pleasure of meeting has gone through a number of crashes owing to the poor connectivity issues between drone and FPV goggles. The DJI goggles utilize totally different technologies to connect which reduces the probability of crossed real time video feeds, latency and consequently the probability of total annihilation of your drone through an unfortunate glitch. I understand that you still are not planning to participate in racing events with the Mavic Pro but if you along with your friends are going to visit a local park in the neighborhood to try their luck out on racing tracks, the DJI Mavic Pro with DJI Goggles would provide an exhilarating immersive digital experience.

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Stay connected for the Aerix Drone Nano FPV

Here comes a nice subtle teaser for you all: we are keep a close eye at the new backyard drone racing kit by Aerix. The Aerix Drone Nano FPV might not be the actual device to be taken to the racing events but when it comes to your local drone racing leagues in your neighborhood or in your backyard, this one could prove to be a great asset. Stay connected to get to know more about this fun drone and its associated add-ons.

That’s it for now, folks! We intend to keep on updating this article as we come across more remarkable racing drones and as new products are introduced in the market. We implore you to share with us your preferred racing drone, flight controller and headset in the comments section below.

Are you planning to call out time on the camera drones that are popular among the drone communities or are you going to go for the fast and the furious racing drones?

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